Oasis has partnered with Pathways, a local nonprofit that offers transitional housing for homeless women and children. Through its partnership with Oasis, Pathways is able to provide counseling services to their resident women and children without staffing an in-house professional. Oasis also partners with Grace House and Alethia House to provide much-needed counseling services to their residents.

Oasis also has a network of collaborative partnerships with other nonprofits, agencies, and institutions to offer an appropriate continuum of mental health care. Oasis receives frequent referrals from:

  • Parents and other primary caregivers
  • Pediatricians
  • School counselors
  • Community mental health centers
  • Private therapists
  • Family Court
  • DHR
  • Children’s Behavioral Health-Outpatient Clinic at Children’s Hospital
  • UAB’s Complications Clinic
  • Children’s Aid Project Independence
  • First Light
  • Pathways
  • FOCUS on Recovery Lifeline Children’s Services
  • Steps Ahead Medicaid Maternity Care
  • And more!

Our Mission

Oasis helps women and children heal, grow and overcome difficult life circumstances by providing affordable mental health counseling and innovative educational programs in a respectful and nurturing environment.

Who’s Taking Care Of You?